Refurbishing of valves:


  • 1) Reconditioning of valve to original specifications & like-new condition at fraction of cost of new valve.
  • 2) Reduce Maintenance Costs.
  • 3) Recover Efficiency.
  • 4) Improve Availability
  • 5) Extend Valve Reliability.
  • 6) Reduce Downtime.
  • 7) Eliminate Chronic Problems.
  • Procedure for valve Refurbishing :

         1)Inspection and Analysis :- Each valve is inspected rigorously and condition assessed. The analysis includes complete documentation of all damage found and mode of failure entered into our database. Valve Plates , coil springs , delivery valve studs are scrapped and are never reused. If any major components need replacement you are consulted before we proceed.


         2) Seats and guards are processed by shot peeing. Remaining parts are if required are polished. Valve seats and guards are remachined to maintain their design performance characteristics. Valve seat sealing faces are lapped to stringent approved standards to ensure perfect flatness and finish. The complete refurbished valve is assembled and inspected finally. 100% valves are thoroughly tested to ensure like-new performance.


         3) Engineering Support :- Expert help is always available in terms of technical support , provide failure analysis , recommend improvements in existing valve designs. Help of our ‘Compressor Valve Design & Analysis ‘ software can be taken for performance enhancement.