Valve Testing Facility

A unique testing facility for valves is being used to test the valves for leakage. It consists of a chamber on which the valve is placed with rubber sealing. The chamber is pressurised to say 4 bars and solenoid valve goes off and timer starts. After say 12 seconds pressure drops to some level say 3 bars depending on the valve size and manufacturing quality. According to size , design of valves and size of chamber, the accepted standards have been created . Every valve is checked before packing on this Test Rig.

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Design and Analysis capability of valves

The promoters are highly qualified engineers with extensive R&D and manufacturing/servicing experience. A special software for design and analysis reciprocating compressor valves has been developed by one of the promoters . The input to software consists of compressor parameters , valve parameters , as well as atmospheric conditions . Three differential equations which consist of thermodynamic model , valve spring mass characteristic and variable valve gap and flow equation make a complete mathematical model for valve design and analysis. The output of software consists of valve losses as a percent of adiabatic power , valve lift graph verses crank angle , valve plate velocity verses crank angle and valve plate verses crank angle. With these output parameters , satisfactory life of valve parts such as valve plates and springs can be ensured. Also field failure analysis can also be done and improvements could be suggested for life enhancement.

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Non Metallic Plates And Valves

PEEK Plates and other non-metallic plates are available as per application.Valves using these plates and othe parts are also part of manufacturing range.

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Alpha Compressor Valves Pvt.Ltd. is a leading Compressor Valve manufacturing company in India. We have full fledged set up to manufacture compressor valves at our two manufacturing units at Pune in India We also have all the facilities to manufacture Valve Plates, Spring Plates, Ring type Plates etc. of various types. The facilities include from VMCs , CNC Lathes , Laser cutting machine, grinding machines , double sided lapping machines , heat treatment and finishing machines apart from other conventional machines. We have qualified and experienced staff who help us manufacture plates and assemblies to OEM specifications at a very economical price. We have unique valve testing facility to ensure that 100% valves are perfect for performance. We have design and field failure analysis capability aided by a unique analysis software for compressor valves. Attached herewith is the list of Valve Plates , Spring Plates etc. that we manufacture and supply to Europe and US companies. The list only shows plates of various types. Apart from this we manufacture large variety of ring type valve plates.